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Art For Life

Turn Creativity into Healing Through NFTs

A global initiative using art to promote peace, understanding,

and humanitarian aid for those affected by conflict.

Open call deadline

May 15 2024
EET h.18PM

Spatial virtual gallery

Join us for a transformative immersive virtual exhibition where artists from around the world
raise their voices for peace and healing. 

Art for Life

The Power
of Art in Times of Crisis

Art For Life Exhibition

Artists: Use Your artworks as a Catalyst.
Inspire Empathy, Drive Change.

Calling artists worldwide. Submit your creations reflecting themes of peace, understanding, and resilience in the face of conflict. Your art has the power to inspire empathy, provoke dialogue, and foster healing in our global community. Join us in amplifying voices of hope and humanity through your creative expressions.

Power of the Blockchain. Artwork is minted as NFTs on the TON blockchain, ensuring accessibility, transparency, and ownership for artists and collectors alike.

The Art for Life Collection. All submitted NFTs become part of a dedicated Art for Life collection, creating a powerful and enduring testament to the project.

Collectively Fuelling Relief. 50% of every NFT sale directly aids humanitarian efforts in conflict zones. Artists choose from our vetted partners to support their preferred beneficiary. Join us in using art to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by conflict.

Global Impact. Our exhibition not only showcases powerful artwork but also highlights the urgent need for action in conflict zones. Each NFT sale directly translates into life-changing aid for those affected by conflict, making a tangible difference in their lives. Join us in creating meaningful change through art and action.

Apply Here

Submit your artwork to be a part of our transformative exhibition. We're seeking pieces that provoke thought, evoke emotion, and inspire action in response to pressing global issues.

Upload your file in Google Drive and give access to 

ART for life Banner.jpg

Join Our TON Boot camp

Master TON NFTs for Impact

A hands-on boot camp transforming your artwork into support for those affected by conflict.

TON Boot Camp

Learn to list and mint on TON blockchain your NFTs for

Art for Life exhibition


Masterclass with Renowned Artist: Elevating Your Craft in the Digital Age

coming soon


Art & Technology Lab: Exploring Creative Frontiers

coming soon

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